Back to Sch**l: 6 Things You Should Know

Does anyone know what happened to SUMMER?!

That’s right CVC Fam, School is just around the corner! In less than 3 weeks,
students all across the country will be heading back to school.

Some of you are already doing back to school shopping,
or are living in denial and refuse to admit that the time has come.

To help you out, we came up with 6 things we believe you should know
about getting ready to go back to school.

1. Start Routines Now

We all know that students have gotten used to staying up late and sleeping in until noon this summer. Unfortunately, that will not fly when school starts. To help your student(s) get back on track with their school routines, help them out by starting NOW.

Have them start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier,
so that come the first day of school they are not tired and groggy.

Begin laying clothes out the night before so they are not running around
in the morning looking for their favorite shirt.

2. Take advantage of Back to School Deals!

Tax Free Weekend in Ohio, is THIS WEEKEND, August 3rd – 5th. You know what that means? Back to School Shopping! Utilize all the deals going on, who doesn’t love a good deal?!

Check your local newspapers for store magazines and coupons
that can help you save on back to school items.

3. Go Through Old Clothing

Your student(s) are growing, which means some of their clothes do not fit like they used to. Go through their clothes, whatever does not fit consider donating to local clothing drives, or hand them down to younger siblings or friends.

4. Check Summer Projects

Remember that Summer Reading list your student’s teacher sent home at the end of the school year? Or the assignment they had due on the first day of school?

Yeahhh that…Be sure to go through old folders, what should have been done, that hasn’t “yet”, and ask your student(s) how you can help them best complete those before school begins.

5. Help Ya Teacher Out!

A lot of classroom supplies are not provided for teachers, and many have to use their own money
in order to ensure your student gets the best classroom experience.
If you are able to please consider helping your teacher out!
Double check school supplies lists.

Think of how you can be a lifehouse to your student’s teacher.

Maybe you can email them and ask them what they are low on and how you can meet that need, ask them how you can be praying for them this school year, offer to volunteer in the classroom if you are able to, or just be a resource for the teacher to use for anything and everything.

Offering a helping hand will speak volumes to your student’s teacher.

6. Enjoy One Last Hurrah!

With Summer coming to a quick close, try to enjoy one last hurrah with the family.

Go for an evening stroll around your neighborhood, grab ice cream together, have a movie night, camp out in the backyard, anything! Whatever it be, do something together as a family before everything gets stressful with school starting back up.

Take that time to listen to what your student(s) are most excited about, or nervous about, with the new school year. Ask them
what they need from you to help them best succeed
this school year, and pray for them.


Weather permitting, There will be a Show Up Event THIS WEEK!

Join us this Thursday, August 2nd, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at the Brecksville Reservation – Harriet Keeler Picnic Area.

There will be hammocks, yard games, and much-needed fellowship with CVCYouth!!

NOTE: If you have a hammock, or extras laying around, please bring it! CVC has some, for those who do not have one, but the more the merrier!

We can’t wait to see you Thursday!


Has your student asked you a bazillion times where their favorite shirt is? Are you wondering what happened to the towel that you sent with your student? Or perhaps, life has been a whirlwind and the last thing you are thinking about is what made it (or didn’t make it) back from summer camp?

Well odds are, CVCYouth has it.

If your student has lost something that they had at summer camp, please take time this week to stop by the office to go through our LOST & FOUND.


We are so excited about CVC’s outdoor Baptism in just about 2 weeks.

On Sunday, August 12th, from 3 to 4:30 PM, Join CVC as we head out to Wallace Lake in Berea to celebrate our brothers and sisters as they publicly proclaim their relationship with Christ.

With so many students expressing interest in getting baptized,
we would love to have as many supporters as possible!

As a body of believers, we want to walk alongside the students
as they publicly proclaim Christ as Lord!

Please consider joining us!

This week in Impact Summer Sessions, one of our lifegroup leaders,
Kyle Cryan led a discussion based off of the 6 questions we discussed last week.

The Students broke off into groups and were asked to identify their idols,
and answer the following questions:

Identify your Idols
How Often are you in God’s Word?
Who do you listen to?Are you generous?
How much effort do you put into escaping pain?
(How often do you go to God in the midst of pain?)
Will/Do you serve others without expecting something in return?

Kyle then had them regather and discuss on what each group shared. He challenged them to think about what they want to change in their lives.

If they want change in the things around them, their actions and individual walk with Lord must show that they want change. The changes in their schools, the changes in Impact, it all is determined by their own actions and walk with the Lord.

Kyle finished by asking the students to think on this question:
Does your actions and individual walk with the Lord
prove that you actually want your schools and Impact to change?

This week, take time to talk to your student(s) about Kyle’s question.
Ask them what they would like to see differently in the things around them,
and what they could do differently to make that happen.


This week in Collide, Pastor Rick Eimers continued our “God Is…” Series by talking about the attribute of God being just.

Rick first reviewed what we have already gone over in our series, we have learned that God is Yahweh, He is goodgracious, and unchangeable.

He then had the students define what the word injustice means and gave examples of injustices such as racism, homelessness, genocide, a lack of running water in Africa, etc.

Rick explained that although there are so many injustices in the world, the one thing we can trust in is that God is Just.

When God is Just it means he treats all people and all situations perfectly and fairly. 

In Jeremiah 9:24 we learn that God exercises justice. He is the judge. Rick asked the students: “If you were the judge what would you do?” Some said they would fix everything, they would provide and take care of the people, and one said they would just punch them.

Rick then asked the students, “what about when you lie to your parents?”

In Romans 3:23 – 24 we learn that “…ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”

God is Just. Therefore, he treats ALL people and ALL situations perfectly and fairly. As we read further in verse 24 of Romans chapter 3, we read that God has justified. Meaning, God has declared those who believe in Jesus, to be righteous.

God is just and exercises justice, and he has justified those who believe in Jesus.

This week talk to your student(s) about what it means for God to be Just. Think about some injustices in the world that you as a family can be praying consistently for.