Back to the Daily Grind: The Happenings of CVCYouth This Week


It is crazy to think that Summer Camp has come and gone. We have so much to Praise God for! If you missed our post on our Facebook page, we shared that there were 18 salvations at Frontlines. Also, 45 students stated that they wanted to be baptized! CVCYouth had the opportunity to see God move in mighty ways through Frontlines 2018.

We at CVCYouth want to say thank you to all of those who helped make Frontlines 2018 possible!


As we move forward from camp we want you to know that
Wallace Lake baptisms are on Sunday, August 12th.

With so many students expressing interest in getting baptized,
we would love to have as many supporters as possible!

As a body of believers, we want to walk alongside the students
as they publicly proclaim Christ as Lord!

Please consider joining us!


Due to the number of students who are volunteering with
CVCKids’ Sports Camp this week, there will NOT be a show up event this week.

Please keep the students and volunteers in your prayers as they
minister to our community through Sports Camp.


This Week in Impact Summer Sessions, Pastor Joe Valenti
reviewed what we discussed prior to Summer Camp.

The Book of Proverbs teaches us about wisdom.
So far in Impact Summer Sessions, we have learned that there are:

5 things to Gain:
Insight – different solutions to a problem
Instruction – strong accountability
Extensive Study
Prudence – knowing the next steps to take.

3 Types of people who lack wisdom:

6 Things from Proverbs 3:
Identify Your Idols (vs 5)
Submit to His Word (vs 5-6)
Be Teachable (vs. 7)
Be Generous (vs 9)
Learn from Adversity (vs.11)
Do Justice

Pastor Joe ended our time by challenging
the students to be in the Word at least 5 times this week.

Take time this week to talk to your student(s) about
how they are getting into the Word this week, and how you can help them meet Joe’s challenge.


This Week in Collide, Pastor Rick Eimers shared from Psalm 103:8-14.

He explained that God is gracious.

Grace is when we are given something that we do not deserve.

In our passage today we learned that from as far as the east is from the west we are forgiven. There are no points for east and west like there are for north and south, you can measure the distance between the north and south poles, but not east and west.

Pastor Rick reminded the students of the word immutable. It means that God never changes.

Therefore, He is always gracious. That will never change.

This week take time to discuss with your student(s) about God’s grace. What are the different ways that God is gracious? How has God been gracious in your life? What does the word grace mean?