Baptism: The Mark of New Life in Christ

We are so excited about CVC’s outdoor Baptism NEXT week!

Join us this Sunday, August 12th, from 3 to 4:30 PM, as we head out to Wallace Lake in Berea to celebrate our brothers and sisters who are publicly proclaiming their relationship with Christ.

Here at CVC we believe that Baptism is the mark of a new life in Christ. Jesus commanded us to be baptized as an outward symbol of an inward commitment. It lets others know that we have left the old life behind and we have entered into new life in Christ. And every time we see a baptism, we’ll remember the day we publicly promise that we will live for Jesus.

Come on out to Wallace Lake and help us support our brothers and sisters who are publicly proclaiming their new life in Christ.

To learn more about baptism, take time to watch this brief video by pastor Chad Allen.


There is no show up event this week!

This week in Impact Summer Sessions, Kyle Cryan led our discussion.

He began the discussion about misplaced desires. 

He asked the students some questions based off of Proverbs 29:25:

1) What is the fear of man?
2) Why is it a trap?
3) How has it played out for you in your personal life?

The students then discussed how a lot of what they do is bathed in a fear of man, a desire to have a good life, and not a good relationship with Christ.

Kyle asked the students why that was the case and they answered: “Because we are afraid of being persecuted for our faith.”

Which lead to the question, “What is giving you more comfort than God?”

 The students shared that it was their innate selfishness and tendency to idolize comfort by becoming people pleasers.

Kyle ended the discussion by challenging the students to think about how much they truly want Christ.

If Heaven were full of everything they loved, but was void of Jesus, would they be okay with that?

Based off of their answers to things, it seems that they would be.

This week, take time to talk to your student(s) about their discussion. What areas in their lives are they allowing to be more important than God? What do they need to get rid of? What do they need to start doing?


This week in Collide, Stacie Brandt continued our “God Is” series and spoke on God Is Merciful.

She reviewed what we have already talked about in our series, God Is:

The students defined Mercy as: Not getting punishment that you deserve; when compassion or forgiveness is shown toward someone instead of punishing them or hurting them.

Stacie then shared a story of how she experienced mercy in  her life, and asked the students how they themselves have experienced mercy.

They looked at different passages that explain how God is merciful:

Stacie asked the students, SO WHAT?

So What if God is merciful? Why does that matter?

She had them go back to the passages and looked at them reversed. In order for the students to see what happens if God was not merciful.

Stacie finished by explaining God’s mercy matters, and that we can rejoice in his mercy because Lamentations 3:22-24 reminds us that God’s mercies are new every morning.

This week take time to discuss with your student(s) about God’s mercy, and how it has impacted your life. What would your life (and the student’s) look like without God’s mercy?