Week of April 14th

If you were at CVC yesterday, you heard a little bit about the transition in youth ministry. Pastor Rick Eimers is moving into leadership of all internal and external serving opportunities and I have the … Read More

Week of March 24th

“The key to prayer is – simply – praying!” Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Sola and Felicia Oshunniyi. It has been a joy to pastor both of their daughters and to serve … Read More

Week of March 17th

It is always a joy for me to run into Bob Hershey, the Executive Director of the Cleveland Pregnancy Center. When I saw him this week he invited me to see a new movie about … Read More

Week of March 10th

You may have heard that pastor Joe dunked his hands in the toilet this week. Read the blog this week to find out why!

Week of March 3rd

“The dominant factor in churches where young people are stepping up and taking responsibility is that the current leadership is learning to let go, change their role and realize they don’t have all the answers” … Read More

Week of February 24th

My heart likes to think the best of me and worst of others, unless those others happen to think well of me – then they are wonderful people. The “follow your heart” creed certainly isn’t found in the Bible.”

Week of February 3rd

What is your goal for your kids? Is it that they be happy and healthy, or is it that you launch them to be make impact for the Kingdom no matter the cost? This and more in today’s blog.

Week of January 27th

In her article Three Essentials For Christian Parenting, Leslie Schumucker explains that one of the keys to effective Christian parenting is to “immerse yourself in sound doctrine.” If you were here a few weeks ago when I … Read More