Eat More Cake (A Philosophy of Games)

For years Frontlines has been filled with a friendly (but still competitive) competition between teams. But the games are not merely a way to have more fun. We purposefully plan our games so that everyone can be involved – no matter their personality or skill set. We love creating games that allow everyone to be a valuable part of the team.

Last year one of our interns, Mike Patterson, created a game that we lovingly called the “cake game”. This year we decided to give it a better name – “Not So Easy Bake Cake”

In this game, teams are each given a cake that they have to keep safe through multiple stages of the relay. We love this game because (in addition to getting to eat cake at the end) everyone has a role on the team. It is awesome to watch the upperclassmen think about how to find the best fit for their younger team mates. It is beautiful to watch the teamwork.

In the drone video below you can see the entire game. Here are the steps so that you can follow along with the video. Enjoy this little peek into our crazy world!

Leg 1- Double up Delivery
Team members – 2
Instructions: (For this obstacle you will want the strongest/bigger team player, and a smaller/lighter team player). The lighter player will begin with the cake in their hands. The larger player will have to find a way to get the small player into their shoulders without causing them to drop the cake. Then they will walk (NO RUNNING) from their location to the next leg location. 

Leg 2- Jump Cake
Team members -3
Instructions: The person who will be doing the jump rope will take the cake from the person on the shoulders. Two team players are swinging a jump rope and making sure they are not going too slow, or too fast for their teammate to jump without dropping cake. The other team player holding the cake has to jump over the rope 10 times before cake can move on to the next obstacle. Count as a team out loud. 

Leg 3- Dizzy bat
Team members – 2
Instructions: The person who has the cake will hand it off to the next team. The person without the cake in their hand will spin 15 times around the pool noodle (as they would with a bat). After they get around 15 times the person holding the cake hands them the cake. That person then needs to take the cake to the bottom of the hill – to the next leg. The person without the cake is responsible for guiding and helping that person not totally wipe out. Caution is important on this leg!!

Leg 4- Times Table Genius
Team members – 1
Instructions: One player must hold up the cake while solving a times table. Once the cake has been transferred the team member may flip the paper over and solve the times table while holding their the cake the entire time. Once the table has been complete it must be checked against the key that a leader will have! Once they receive the okay, the team member may pass the cake off to the three legged race. 

Leg 5- Three Legged Race
Team members – 2
Instructions: After the puzzle is complete, the two team members that are connected by their legs must take the cake and walk over to the other side of the pool. When they get to the other, they need to find their team, and pass off the cake to the next leg. 

Leg 6- Move That Cake Soldier!
Team members – 2
This team of 2 will hold the cake with one arm each while army crawling to the end of their leg.  This means that they cannot have their belly off the ground. They are not up on all fours, but pushing themselves along the ground with legs and elbows. They will continue until they reach the next leg. 

Leg 7- Cake In Bed – YES, I love cake in bed!
Team members – 4
Four players must balance the cake on a sheet (it’s a bit smaller than a bed sheet) by holding the ends of the sheet tight. The sheet cannot be drug across the ground – it must come up off the ground and travel in the air. Players must work together as a team and communicate to each other in order to not let their cake fall off the sheet. 

Leg 8- Do the Cake Shuffle (cupid is for losers)
Team members – 2
Instructions: two players will stand back to back – holding the cake behind their backs. They need to shuffle together – without dropping the cake – to the next leg location. 

Leg 9- Hey Cake, Get On My BELLY!
Team members – entire team
Instructions: By this time, the entire team should be back at the final location. Once the cake gets to the team, everyone will lay on the ground, on their backs, side by side. The cake must be passed across the teams stomach’s. Once a member passes it, they get up, run to the end, lay down again, and wait for the cake to reach them. This continues until the cake reaches the finish line. 

Leg 10 – It’s Cake – EAT IT!!
Team members – entire team
Instructions – We will have a second cake (not the one that has been through all of the obstacles) for you to eat. Get your entire team in on crushing that cake as quickly as possible.