The Plan
Step 1 – Worship

Collide takes place on Sunday mornings during the 11am service time at CVC. You can find us in room 104 by taking a left down the hall when you come in the front doors. Just keep walking until you hear teenagers.

Impact takes place on Sunday evenings in the lower level of CVC. It is easiest to come in the center entrance in the rear of the church. There will be signs and teenagers. We hang out, eat food, sing, and learn from God’s word.

Step 2 – Groups

Collide LifeGroups are for students in 6th-8th grades. Groups are a part of our Sunday morning program which takes places during the 11am service. Students will worship, listen to a talk from the Bible, and then split off into LifeGroups by gender and grade.

Impact LifeGroups are for students in 9th-12th grades. These groups meet in different homes in the communities surrounding CVC. Students will grow in their relationships with one another and with God as they enjoy food, fellowship, and time studying God’s Word together.

The Pastors

Rick Eimers

Joe Valenti

Rick is one of our CVCYouth Pastors with an incredible heart for students. He’s the creative, visionary type, so he’s always coming up with tons of stellar ideas for reaching the Cleveland area for Christ. We love his dazzling wife Brooke, and his daughters Charlotte and Sami are a fun time too. Rick is a pro bee-keeper, rocks the health food life, and is an unapologetic yardsale aficionado. He almost became a professional jockey, but we’re glad he’s here instead.

Joe pastors at CVCYouth like that’s what he was born to do. He avidly pursues the heart of God, cares deeply about good theology, and loves instilling in students his passion for worship leading. He is married to a beautiful woman named Linda and his kids Logan and Grace will rock your socks. Ask him about his days touring with the band or his awesome racquetball skills. Joe loves dynamite sushi rolls, traveling overseas, and rocking out to country music in his truck.

The Interns

“Inviting People To New Life In Christ”