Sexting: The New Normal?

Early last month the New York Times released an alarming article that seemingly flew under the radar. The article was entitled,
“Teenagers are Sexting – Now What?”

The article lays out a ton of information from a lengthy study released by the JAMA Network, that is the, “Journal of the American Medical Association,” which expressed the slight decrease in sexual intercourse but the rise in sexting amongst teenagers. Whether it be through texting or the use of social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram teenagers are finding easier and more accessible ways to sext. 

According to JAMA, out of the 100,000 students studied, 14.1% had sent a sext, 27.4% had received a sext, 12% had forwarded a sext without consent, and 8.4% had it happen to them. These numbers may seem small but the percentages have increased since 2005. 

The New York Times article looks at the rise in sexting as a good thing, a healthy expression of sexuality and curiosity. HOWEVER, CVCYouth is NOT endorsing this perspective, we are simply informing you of the rise of this alarming trend. 

So, how should parents respond?

First, don’t just throw away the phones and set laptops on fire. Don’t simply assume that your child is or is not sending inappropriate texts or images through their phone.

Second, have an open dialogue and talk to your students about proper phone etiquette. Ask them what they know and how they perceive internet and phone safety. Use this conversation as an opportunity to find out what your student believes about internet safety, sex, and even relationships. 

Perhaps, with older children, just be open with them. Be direct and talk with them about sexting and relationships. Studies show that when asked what they think about and how they feel, a child is more likely to be honest with their parents if they are able to express themselves without fear of being judged. 

So, open up a peaceful dialogue with your children. Ask them what they think and believe about sexting, internet safety, relationships and what apps they like to use on their phone. 

Seek to love your children even more this week by talking to them about this dangerous and often awkward topic. It certainly will not be easy, but you will ultimately be glad that you did. 

For further information and tips of where to begin the conversation, click on the links below.

Click here for the new york times article
Click here for the professional medical study from jama

We are officially less than 100 days from #Frontlines2k18!
Can you believe it!?  

In exactly 96 days we will fill up a bunch of vans and busses and make the trek out to Skyview Ranch for an incredible week of worship, friendship, planting roots in Christ, and harvesting fruit for the Glory of God. 

Most often students make their big life decisions for Christ while at camp. We have seen students find Christ for the first time, dedicate their lives to ministry, or make plans to grow and deepen their walk
with the Lord at camp. 

A while back, Lauren Shepherd wrote a short post about the five reasons everyone should attend summer camp. It is worth the read. Lauren lays out five incredible reasons to get your child signed up and attending Frontlines (Lauren’s post is linked below).

FINALLY, the early bird pricing is flying away very soon! On April 16th, the price will jump up an additional $30! So be sure to get your child
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Click here to read Lauren’s blog
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On April 27th, we will be loading up our Jr/Sr classes and heading off to Chatauqua Lake, NY. 

CVCYouth juniors and seniors need a weekend away from the stress of high school and next steps. The semester has been beating them up, the pressures of life are weighing them down, and it is time to get away and encourage them in the name of the Lord. This is the purpose of this retreat!

The weekend is a focus on praying for the students, encouraging them, and providing vision for growth in Christ. Whether they are leaving for college, staying in the area, or are stepping up to become the student leaders for the coming year of Impact, this retreat is meant to ease their anxieties, and help them relax into the strength and peace of the Lord. 

This retreat is three days long but it will have a HUGE impact(no pun intended)! Even better, the cost of the retreat is the low-low price of $30! 

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The Resurrection

This weekend we celebrated the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We canceled Collide and Impact in the hopes that you would attend main service with your children and celebrate the victory of Christ rising again! 

We hope that you found your time with family a blessing, and that you were able to take the time to focus in on just how astounding, and unfathomably brilliant the fact that Christ defeated death, all for our sake! 

Consider taking time as a family this week and talking about how powerful the resurrection of Christ truly is. 

The website Desiring God also released an extremely beautiful blog highlighting every aspect of this past weekend. 

Taking the time to read it will prove to be an immense blessing for you and your family (Desiring God Post is linked below).

Click here for the desiring god post