The 5 Rs: Helping Your Student To Have Better Devotionals

THE 5 Rs

Last night Pastor Joe Valenti challenged the High School Students to dig deep and have better devotions. Joe mapped out an easy 5 step process on how to have more meaningful devotions. 

Our desire is that, as parents, you will look at these five simple steps and begin helping your student figure out how to get the most
out of God’s word. 

So, without further ado, the five Rs for more meaningful devotions:
1) Read; do not think you have to read an entire chapter.
Start off simply reading 4-5 verses a day. 
2)Re-Write; take out a pen and paper and
copy down the verses you have just read. 
3)Re-State; in your own words, write down the main idea from
the verses you have read. 
4)Relate; write down how God is speaking to you from those verses.
What is God teaching you?
5)Respond; write out a prayer to God in response
to what He has just taught you. 

These five simple steps are great building blocks to helping both you and your student have a deeper devotional life. 
So go out, buy yourself and your student a new journal and get into God’s word together this year! 


On Monday, January 15th, we will be heading out to CloverLeaf Lanes for our annual M.L.K. Bowling day!

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The cost will cover games of bowling as well as lunch. 
This event is for both middle school and high school students. 
The fun is waiting, so let’s get the ball rollin’! 


We are in full swing planning out a great and impactful Winter Retreat! 

Games, themes, cabins, worship and everything else in between are being thought through and we couldn’t be more excited! 

February 23rd may seem far off but it will be here before we know it!
So don’t waste any more time, get your student registered today! 

The top button will take you to a scholarship application and the bottom one will talk you to the registration form. 

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Pastor Joe Valenti kicked off our new series this Sunday! Resuscitate has started off on a great foot and we know that God is going to use this series to move the lives of the students. 

Joe preached a good portion of Romans 1 to the students. Joe explained why Romans was written in the first place and what the students can expect from the rest of this series. 

The students were challenged to use the 5 Rs mentioned above to begin working their way through Romans on their own. 

Our prayer for this series is that the students’ eyes will be opened up to a new way of living for God. That the students will see their need to fully rely on and rest in the work and love of Jesus Christ.

Please join us in prayer for the students. We hope you consider working with your student through the 5 Rs mentioned above.  


Pastor Joe Valenti also kicked off our new Collide series “Escape Artists: Breaking Free From Sin and Shame”. 
Joe preached the worst sermon ever! 

He walked the students through Romans 1:18-31 and pointed out how sinful each of us are.
With the main point being…


Joe helped the students see that they are bad people who, because of their sin deserve to go to hell. BUT! Christ came to die the death we deserve and to live the perfect life that we cannot. 

So, while God does punish bad people, He also loves bad people and thus sent Christ to do what He did. 

This week talk to your student about their life. Ask them if they are letting God control their life or if they have lost sight of God and decided to
live for this world. 

Consider taking some time to go back through Romans 1 with your middle school student. Help your student think through the consequences of sin and the beauty of obeying Jesus. How can you help your student see the reward in following Jesus?