The Gospel: What Exactly Is It?

This week Pastor Joe Valenti asked the high school students if they could  explain what the Gospel is. 

Some of the students were probably thinking, “Come on Joe, The Gospel, really? You know what it is, we all do. This is rhetorical, right?” 

But Seriously, if someone asked you “What is the Gospel?” would you be able  to clearly and concisely explain it? 

Some honestly can explain it, but for a lot of people the term “The Gospel” has just become a term that gets tossed around without truly understanding it’s meaning. 

So what exactly IS the Gospel? The word Gospel means, “Good News”. The Good News, is that:

Jesus lived the life we could not live 

Jesus died the death that we should have died. 

Jesus rose to give us a new life we could never get on our own.

Putting your faith in Jesus is the only way to a new life on earth and an eternal life in heaven.



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This week in Collide, Pastor Rick Eimers began our new prayer series, “Can You Hear Me Now?” The focus of this series will be on the power and importance of prayer. 

Pastor Rick introduced the series by explaining what prayer is: 

Prayer is a conversation with God. 

He then talked about the reason we are able to have a conversation with God by showing the students what prayer looked like in the Bible times before Christ died. 

Before Christ died we did not have the same access  to God as we do now, but because of His death we are able to boldly come before the Lord and let our requests be made known to him. 

Rick ended his sermon by asking the students why can we pray and to think about why it is hard to pray.

This week take some time to talk to your students about prayer, what do they think it is, and discuss different ways that you as a family can pray more. 


This week in Impact, Pastor Joe Valenti continued our Resuscitate series and spoke from Romans 6:1-14.

He began his sermon by asking the students to define the word Gospel for him.

With no initial response from the students, Joe gave us a basic definition to use: 

Jesus lived the life we could not live. Jesus died the death that we should have died. Jesus rose to give us a life we could never get on our own. Putting your faith in Jesus is the only way to a new life on earth and an eternal life in heaven.

He explained how the Gospel relates to Romans. In chapters 1-5 we have learned what the gospel accomplished FOR us. In chapters 6-8 we will learn what the gospel accomplishes IN us.

Joe shared that for those who believe in Christ, the Gospel accomplishes our ability to walk in newness of life. We are dead to sin and no longer have to be bound by the shackles of sin. 


We often continue to let sin rule over our life. 

Joe illustrated this through explaining the history of slavery. 

On January 1st 1863 Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which changed the legal status of millions of people from slave to free. No longer did anyone have legal rights to own a person. And yet many slaves did not seem to know what to do with their freedom. They were unsure about how to live as a free person because all they had known was slavery. 

As believers, we do not have to continue to live in the slavery of sin. 

Joe finished his sermon by challenging the students:

Do not present yourself to sin


Present yourself to God.

This week take some time to read through chapter 6 of Romans and talk to your student(s) about the Gospel, what is it, and what does it mean to you?