“This is America:” An Eye-Opening Perspective

One week ago hip-hop recording artist “Childish Gambino,” also known as Donald Glover, released a controversial yet pointed and poignant song and music video entitled, “This is America.” 

The song and music video paint the perspective of the state of America from the eyes of the Black Community and people who generally side with the “Left” side of politics.  

Since its release the music video for “This is America” has not only circulated the internet but has caused a plethora of news and social media organizations to weigh in.

We have linked below not just to the video but videos that will explain all the symbolism within it. 

Here are some things to consider before you watch the video:

The video uses plenty of racist imagery from the “Jim Crow” era as a means to show and even further explain the exploitation of black people and black culture in the United States. 

Glover also puts gun violence under the microscope. The video incorporates two shocking, yet swift and monumental moments of terrifying violence against black people. 

There are plenty of other symbolic gestures to look out for in the video. Such as, death, narcissism, phone usage, and survival tactics. All of which will be explained by links to videos that will help you dig deeper into this important piece of pop-culture. 

What this song and video have done for us in the office is further a desire to listen to those who are different from us and who experience life in a way that is drastically different from ourselves.

Consider James 1:29-20, “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

We encourage you to sit down and watch this video and to engage with the words, images, and worldview it presents. Talk about racism, gun violence, gentrification, and the value of human life. 

 Address how each person has been made on the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and yet recognize that not everyone in America agrees with that statement nor feels as if they matter. 

In the end you may see “This is America” as just a music video and song, or perhaps as something a bit more. Either way, the power of music and film cannot be understated or missed. Donald Glover A.K.A. “Childish Gambino” has something to say and he has not been and is not alone in the shared thoughts and intentions of the music video. 

Click here to watch the music video
Click here to watch the Washington Post breakdown the video
Click here to watch a music expert breakdown the video


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We will be discussing the book of Proverbs throughout the summer, and how it applies to our lives today. 

We look forward to seeing your student(s) this summer!!

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This week in Collide Pastor Joe Valenti continued our Big Questions Series and answered the question: How do we know the Bible is Reliable? How do you know people are telling the truth? 

Joe shared three proofs to answer the questions. 
1. Historical Copies of the Bible
2. Archaeological Finds
3. Prophecies 

Today we only have 5 original copies of Aristotle, 20 original copies of Tacitus, BUT of the New Testament we have 24 to 25 THOUSAND extant copies. 

Joe taught the students a fancy word, extant, which means “still around”.  

Which means we have more copies of the Bible that are “still around” that prove it to be true, way beyond the popular teachings of well known philosophers. 

Joe also shared that Archaeologists have discovered an old city with fallen walls, which has been indicated to be the city of Jericho. Which is recorded in the Bible. In the Gospel of Luke there are 32 references that are proven true because of Archaeological discoveries.

Archaeologists have yet to prove the Bible false. 

Lastly, Joe shared with the students that because of prophecies the Bible proves itself to be true. He had the students look up several verses from the Old Testament that spoke of prophecies, and had other students read verses in the New Testament that proved those prophecies to be true. 

This week take time talk with your student(s) about why they believe in what they believe in, and ask them if they remember what the word extant means.

This week we did not have Impact due to Mother’s Day.

We want to say thank you to all of our Moms. We hope you had a great and restful day, you are a blessing to so many! 

Impact will resume next week, May 20th, at our normal time.