Week of April 28

"Prayer lays hold of God's plan and becomes the link between His will and its accomplishment on earth."
Elisabeth Elliot

I remember a few years ago I was listening to a sermon from David Platt on how prayer works. He said something similar to the quote above from Elisabeth Elliot. I can't recall exactly what he said, but it was something like this:

"Prayer is the means by which God's sovereign plan is moved forward."

It can be hard to believe this, but the theme of Frontlines Summer Camp this year addresses one of the solutions to this lack of faith.

When we look back and see God's faithfulness to the prayers of his people, we can grow in faith that our prayers do, indeed, affect the accomplishment of God's will on earth.

God himself also reminds us of this truth when he speaks to Solomon in 2 Chronicles 7:14. He has plans for the people - to heal their land. And his requirement is that they humble themselves and pray to bring that reality to fruition.

Pastor Chad has challenged us to multiply our prayer efforts as a church - and prayer gatherings continue to grow at CVC.

Did you know that a group from our 55+ LifeGroups meets on a regular basis to pray specifically for your children? They have been doing this for years!

In the Fall semester, we are planning to provide a new opportunity for parents monthly on Sunday evenings. We will have focused times of prayer as well as discipleship specifically in the area of biblical parenting.

Sola and Felicia Oshunniyi will be leading the prayer portion of this new opportunity and would like to have one prayer gathering prior to the end of the Spring semester.

Parent Prayer will meet in room 104 this coming Sunday, May 5th - at 6:30pm. 

Please choose to join other parents as they seek the face of God on behalf of our children!


New Teaching Series'



When we think of wisdom, we might think of an old smart dude with a beard, wearing glasses and a robe…or something like that. Ha! The word wisdom to us means “smart”. You know a lot of stuff. Kind of like studying really hard in history all year and getting an A. So, you’re pretty wise when it comes to history.

The Biblical definition of wisdom is much different. There are actually two parts. #1 – You know the right thing to do (how to live God’s way). #2 – AND you do it! In the case of living a “wise” God honoring live life, it means you know how to live God’s way AND you actually do it.

So in Collide, we shared 3 practical steps on how to grow in wisdom.

  1. Rely on God.
  2. Think before you act.
  3. Learn from yours and others mistakes.

As you talk with your students this week, consider these questions that were asked of the students in LifeGroup.  As you look them over, take a moment to answer a couple of these questions from your own life experience.  It’ll help your student get to know you better while also allowing them to learn from the wisdom you’ve gained over the years!

Collide LifeGroup Discussion Questions

  • Why is it hard to trust God’s way rather than your way?
  • Share a time when you went your way rather than God’s way. What happened?
  • Do you think it’s a good idea to think before you act? Why or why not?
  • Share a time when you really messed up and did something stupid. What happened? What did you learn from the experience?

  • Have you ever seen a person who is moral, but who seems to be unwise? They make poor decisions all of the time?

  • In what areas of your life right now might you need wisdom?

May God grant you wisdom in knowing how to disciple your children!


In case you were wondering, we had a fantastic time at JR/SR Retreat. This retreat is unlike any retreat that CVCYouth has. The weekend is filled with a lot of downtime so that the juniors and seniors have the opportunity to rest and recharge while in Christian fellowship. This past weekend, we did just that. Students played board games, went swimming, and had spontaneous worship sessions all while reconnecting with one another.

On Saturday evening we spent time worshipping together and encouraging the seniors as they step into a new season of life. While it would be quite difficult to list all of what was said during that time, Mike and Kristen Hopkins sent a video for the juniors and seniors to watch and we believe it would rightly summarize everything that was said during that evening.

Parents of these junior and senior classes,

We are incredibly grateful for you. These two classes have taken the great commission personally and the CVCYouth team is seeing the fruit of your student's obedience to Christ. We believe that you have played a great role in this as well. Our prayer is that your student would continue to pursue Christ in the next seasons and that the fruit of godly parenting would be evident! We feel privileged to have had the time with your students and will continue to pray for them as they are ushered out of CVCYouth!


Frontlines Summer Camp 2019 registration is OPEN!!

Early Bird price only last for 3 WEEKS - so make sure to get registered before the price goes up!!

Visit the Frontlines Pagewww.cvcyouthblog.org/frontlines

May 5th - THIS SUNDAY - Parent Prayer at 6:30pm in room 104

May 12th - No Impact (Mother's Day)

May 26th - Final Impact of the School Year (Impact LifeGroups Pause for the Summer months)

June 9th - Impact Summer Sessions Begins*

June 16th - Current 8th grade students move up to Impact (high school) and our new 6th graders join Collide.

*Collide and all Collide LifeGroups continue throughout the entire summer during the 11am service.

July 7-12 - Frontlines Summer Camp

*During the summer months, Impact meets at 9:30am in room 104 and does not meet on Sunday evenings.