Week of Aug 11th


As Pastor Joe was preaching in the main service, Kyle Cryan taught the same parable to the Collide Students. This week we dug into the story of the 10 Minas in Luke 19:11-27. The parable is relatively simple -a nobleman gave some money to his servants to do business with while he was away. When he returned, he asked for them to give an account of their profit.  

There are a few connections that we need to make in order to understand the application of this story. Jesus was speaking to Jewish people who expected the Jesus to become King when he reached Jerusalem and to begin his kingdom here on earth. Jesus however was speaking of a spiritual kingdom. He told this story to help them understand more of what was to come. He would go away to receive a kingdom, and give gifts to his servants to steward while he was gone. He would one day return and ask what his servants have done while he was gone. 

Just as we see in the story, the faithful servant has given his life in service to Jesus. The foe however lives in opposition to Jesus and the fake servant, he gives his life in service of himself. When Jesus returns, the faithful will receive a reward, whereas the fake is called out for his disobedience. The final part of the story is somewhat of a warning -when Jesus returns, all those in opposition to him will receive judgment or eternal death. 

So here is the challenge -Jesus will one day return. When he does which character in the story will you be? 

Some of these parables are hard to digest and understand. We would encourage you to continue the conversation and talk through these concepts with your students. You can start with some of these questions?

  • What parts of the story do you remember?
  • What do you think that means? 
  • Which character do you think you are most like? 


Cort Cable shared with us his testimony of God’s grace in his life. Cort is one of the leaders in the Cuyahoga Heights LifeGroup, so most of our students are familiar with him, but maybe haven’t heard his story before. 

Cort came to know Christ as a teenager, and grew in Him through high school and college. After college though, some things in his life shifted and he began living for himself. Things of this world began to consume him and he started finding his identity in places other than Christ. But Cort’s story is of God’s faithfulness and grace in drawing him back in. It was through physical injury that he was broken spiritually as well, and willing to surrender all. He eventually ended up at CVC and was asked to serve at Impact. 

There have been many lessons that Cort has learned over the years, but as we heard his story there were some common themes sprinkled throughout. Looking back, he can see how different God’s plan for his life was so different from his own plan. He has also experienced the joy of walking in obedience, and using time and resources for the kingdom of God. 


Be sure to mark your calendars with what's coming up next!

August 18 - Last Impact Summer Session

September 8 - Evening Impact resumes for the school year and Impact LifeGroups resume

October 5 - Collide Fall Fest

November 22-24 - Impact Fall Retreat