Week of January 6th

If you obey for a thousand years, you're no more accepted than when you first believe; your acceptance is based on Christ's righteousness and not yours
Paul Tripp

I don't know about you, but i can tend to try to bend the will of my children instead of pursuing their hearts. Often times it is more efficient to give a punishment than to dig in and determine what is going on inside of them that has caused their poor choice. I read these words this morning and was reminded that as parents we have the opportunity to show our kids what the love of God is like. My son and daughter need to know that my love for them is not based on their performance but on the fact that I am their dad. God's love is not based on how good we are or how devout we seem to be. It is based on the fact that he IS love and that through Jesus Christ we have been adopted into his family. Let's step into 2019 with the aim of pursuing the hearts of our children as we guide them towards the ultimate love of Christ that satisfies for eternity.

Winter Retreat 2019 is just around the corner. As you can see, the theme this year is "Upside Down Kingdom." We will be exploring the statements of Jesus that begin with the statement, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like...". You can learn more and register by clicking the button below, but hurry because early bird pricing is only open through January 20th!
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Important Note for Collide Parents

Each and every Sunday I try to pry out of my kids what they learned in church so that I can attempt to engage them in spiritual conversations. Some weeks are great and some weeks are a little more difficult.

Perhaps my favorite was the week when Grace explained that they learned about Jesus being naked and running around being crazy. WHAT?!

Later I learned that the passage of study was Luke 8:26-37 when Jesus casts the demon out of a man who - according to Luke, "had not put on clothes for some time."

It wasn't Jesus running around naked, it was the possessed man....*sigh*

All of that said, we're always trying to find ways to help you have conversations with your kids. So, this semester we will be following the CVC sermon series through the Gospel of Luke.

Each week in Collide we will cover the same text that pastor Chad (or whoever is teaching) covers in the adult service. Of course, we may draw some different applications that are more in line with a middle school students, but at the end of the day, you will have learned from the same text that your son or daughter did. We hope that this will increase the conversation in your car on the way home, at Sunday lunch, and throughout the week.

3 Ways to Help Your Kids Engage the Bible

Maybe I'm alone here, but there are days when I don't feel like reading my Bible *gasp*. I know, I know, "pastor Joe, the nerve!!"

Think about it though, I have known the Lord for a long time and a significant part of the job is to study the Bible. And...sometimes...I don't feel like it.

So, it stands to reason that it might be even more difficult for my kids - especially if they have a hard time understanding it. So....what to do? Here are three quick things that you can check and change for your son or daughter that might help them engage the Bible a bit more. No guarantees, but these might help.

1 - Make sure that they have a readable version of the Bible.

While we preach from the ESV at CVC, it is not the most natural in its language. Middle school students will benefit from a translation more suited to them. I highly recommend the New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible. It is well translated and highly readable.

2 - Get them a devotional-type book

Reading the Bible is good. Reading the Bible is great! But, having help is always good. As a pastor, I love using devotionals with my Bible reading because I am challenged and enriched when I read the insights of a certain text from other brothers and sisters in Christ. Here are a few that might be great for your son or daughter. If none of those seem to work for you, do a search on Amazon or visit a local bookstore.


3 - Use RightNow Media

If you are unfamiliar with RightNow Media, it has been described as the "Netflix of Bible study." CVC has a subscription and, therefore, every family in our church has free access to the thousands of episodes of content for every age group.

If you haven't yet signed up, visit the link below on the CVC website to get access to RightNow Media for your family.

RightNow MEDIA

Be patient and pursue their heart. Just forcing them to do Christian things does not make them a Christian. When all else fails, draw them into your quiet time and share what God has been teaching you.