Week of June 23rd

Hey everyone!

I had a great time with the team of students in Pearl Island, but it's good to be home and to be back in the office! I wanted to give you a quick update on the trip. There were many incredible opportunities for ministry and I was encouraged by the team's continued focus and the unity while we were there. If you see one of the students who went, you should ask them about their trip!

Summer Camp season is in full swing and I am jumping back in with both feet! We are busy in the office getting everything ready for Frontlines, which is less than 2 weeks away! Here is a link to the Frontlines Prep page, which should answer many of the questions you have about camp. There is still a lot to do, so please pray for us, for strength and diligence, as we hope to provide a great experience for every student!

Lastly, just a reminder, if you have a student in Collide you need to pick them up at 12:15 pm from Room 104/106. We want to continue to make improvements in how we do things and feel that this will help to protect the safety of your children. We appreciate your cooperation with this - thanks for partnering with us!


We are enjoying our current series - The Greatest Stories Ever Told, where we take a look at different parables of Jesus. This week Lauren Meyer talked to the students about one of the stories that Jesus told in Luke 14, about a great banquet. Again, he was found telling a kingdom parable, giving them a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven. He was trying to help them understand that one day, there will be a feast for those who are part of the kingdom of God. 

Through this story, Jesus was addressing some misconceptions that the Pharisee’s had about who would be at this heavenly feast. The characters in the story that represented the Pharisee’s he was talking to are the ones who did not accept the invitation to the banquet. Each of them had an excuse, something that was holding them back. The people who did accept the invitation were the poor and needy. 

The invitation to the banquet is an invitation to eternal life, through Christ. The truth of the gospel is that we all need a Savior. It is only those who recognize their need and believe that Jesus is the only way to eternal life who will enjoy the heavenly celebration.

Lauren had a great opportunity to clearly present the gospel and followed it up with this:  The invitation is open and there is space at the table. The most important question is Will you be there? Have you accepted the invitation? If not, what is holding you back? 

For those of us who have accepted the invitation, there is still room at the table. Who can you extend the invitation to? 


Have you ever found yourself thinking, “There has got to be more to life than this…” Searching for something, but never really satisfied? 

I think we can all resonate with what  Kristen Hopkins (Momma K) was sharing this Sunday. As she looked back to high school, she can remembered all the things that she was chasing that never brought fulfillment or satisfaction; she continued to come up empty. The woman at the well (John 4) is a passage of scripture that resonated with Momma K and portrays this "thirst" so clearly. 

There is a clear contrast in this passage between physical water and living water. Jesus offers us living water, from a well that never runs dry, it fully satisfies our thirst, and we did nothing to earn it or deserve it -he offers it as a gift. He is the Messiah, the one who brings salvation and that living water is available to those who have a relationship with him.

Many of us are like the woman who met Jesus at the well, thirsty and never satisfied. She challenged us and started to make it personal with these questions: 

1.  What are needs and dissatisfactions people are experiencing today?

2.  How do people try and fill that emptiness in their lives?

3.  How can Jesus satisfy all those needs?


Frontlines is a week and a half away!!! Registration closes on Sunday, June 30th, so if your students want to come to camp, they need to register ASAP!

Click HERE to Register

We also need volunteers! If you are able to help during registration or when the teens get back at the end of the week, please sign up here! (Click the link for dates and times.)


Summer Show up Events
These events are designed for students to just "show up." There is no prep, no signing up, no release forms. Just bring them to the location at the time mentioned and then pick them up when it's over (or stay and hang out with us!).

These are easy, quick, fun events to help students stay connected all summer. 
New 6th graders - you are INVITED!!

You can download the schedule HERE or see it below. 
There is a Show Up Event this Thursday! 


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