Week of May 12th

"It takes time to invest in your children, and if they see more of their dance teacher and basketball coach than they do of you, then the dance teacher an basketball coach have the greatest influences"
Dr. Jerry Pipes

When I was in seminary, I had to do a project in youth ministry class about how the family impacts and influences a child. I remember getting online to purchase one of the required books and the cover that come up on Amazon looked like it was designed in the 90's and had never received a design update. I
judge the book by its cover and I thought, "Oh, great - what kind of lame nonsense am I going to find in here?"

What I found was what has continued to be the most influential book on parenting (outside of the Bible) that I have ever read. Family to Family by Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee is a treasure for Christian parents.

The book begins by explaining what a healthy family looks like and asking the reader to assess their family. The definitions that they offer are helpful and I would encourage you to take a look at these items that make up a healthy family and having a meaningful conversation about where your family might need to focus a
a bit more intentionally.

A Healthy Family Is....

1. One that spends quantity and quality time together.

2. One in which each family member is committed to the other family members individually and as a whole.

3. One in which the mom and dad are approximately equal in their involvement in the raising of children.

4. One in which the significance of each individual and the family unit is found in Christ.

5. One through which the baton of faith is successfully passed to the next generation.

6. One that has healthy time together centered on God's purposes.

The book - Family to Family - can be a bit difficult to find these days, but you can get it used on Amazon Marketplace. I highly recommend it!


Kyle Cryan - the leader of our 8th grade guys group - taught at Collide this Sunday and echoed something that I mentioned in the main service at CVC.

He said - "You become like the people with whom you spend the most time."

This is true because the Bible says so. Proverbs 13:20 says, "Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Does this mean that sometimes we have to give up friends or change the amount of the time that we spend with them? Yes - it does.

A great topic for conversation this week would be to go through the closest friendships that your son or daughter has and see if those friendships are healthy, God-honoring,
Christian friendships. Is that person that they are spending time with helping them walk the path or wisdom or are they leading them down the path of a fool?

As your kids - I bet that if they are honest, they know the answers


We took the night off at Impact so that everyone could enjoy honoring their Mom's for Mother's Day.

We pick back up this week at 6:30 in the LL continuing our series Prepare to Launch where we are looking to God's Word for wisdom as we head into the summer months.


Over the next four weeks, the CVCYouth staff will be all over the place, so we wanted to give you some info that you need for the summer!

Lauren is getting married this weekend - YAY! Then she will be out of the office on her honeymoon next week. So, she will not be available for questions about  Frontlines or other CVCYouth events.

On May 26th, our new intern, Jenn Paris, will be starting and will be with us through the end of December. We will introduce you to her when she gets here.

Pastor Joe leaves for Pearl Island with a group on June 4th and will not be back in the office until June 16th.


Here are all of the things that we can think of!

Early registration ENDS THIS SUNDAY!!!! Don't miss it!!

Register for Frontlines HERE

Summer Show up Events
Because schedules are crazy in the summer, we plan several events to which students can just "show up." There is no prep, no signing up, no release forms. Just bring them to the location at the time mentioned and then pick them up when it's over (or stay and hang out with us!). These are easy, quick, fun events
to help students stay connected all summer. New 6th graders - you are INVITED!!

You can download the schedule HERE or see it at the bottom of this post.

May 26th - Last Evening Impact of the year.

June 9th - First Impact Summer Sessions - Sunday mornings @ 9:30am in room 104.

June 16th - Current 5th graders move up to Collide AND current 8th graders move up to Impact.

July 7-12 - Frontlines Summer Camp.

September 8th - Evening Impact Resumes for the school year and Impact LifeGroups resume.