Week of Nov. 10


Last week Lauren tackled the big question What is sin? and this week the leaders picked up where she left off and discussed the question What is idolatry? together in LifeGroup.

We are all worshipers, we are created to worship; if we're not worshiping God, we're worshiping something else. A simple explanation for idolatry is "trusting in created things rather than the Creator for our hope and happiness, significance and security." An idol can be any thing that holds your affections. When we worship created things, we are exchanging the truth for a lie (Rom 1:25), believing that something other than God can satisfy or save.

One of the questions that we got last week was "So I can't watch TV?" Engaging students hearts and motives, rather than simply discussing behavior is a challenge! We don't want to just give them more information or a rule to follow, but help them evaluate themselves on a heart level. That is definitely where you can help. Maybe ask your child this week what their perspective is of sin and idolatry, and help them work through what does sin look like in their own life. Thanks again for partnering with us! 


The Second Sunday Thanksgiving FEAST was a huge success!!!

We had the pleasure of serving 67 students and 26 leaders! Thats way more than we  anticipated. So thank you to the 27+ people who made this night possible through your generous contribution of food and desserts!

We got to hear from one of our seniors, RJ Burrows, who shared part of his story of searching for love and acceptance, and realizing that is only found through faith in Jesus Christ.




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