Week of Nov. 27th.


The Impact Fall Retreat is THIS WEEKEND! 

God has proven faithful once again and has answered our prayers for more students than ever to sign up for this retreat. We are looking forward to spending time with over 60 high schoolers! This will prove to be our biggest Impact Fall Retreat ever! 

We ask that in consideration for transportation space, that you pack in 1 duffel bag/suitcase & 1 additional bag/backpack to take on the bus. Remember to pack light – after all, it’s only a weekend!

Bath Towel
Personal Toiletries (Shampoo/Toothpaste/Deodorant…etc)
Modest Swimsuit (1 piece or 2 piece with a t-shirt)
Warm & Comfortable Clothes
Warm Jacket/Coat
Tennis Shoes (outdoor games & hiking)
Water Bottle
$8-$10 for lunch on Sunday
Medications: Bring these to registration in a plastic bag, labeled, with your name on them, and instructions for use. 

When you arrive for check-in on Friday please go directly to the registration table. We will give you a ribbon to mark your duffle bag/suitcase that will be based on your lodging assignment. 

Reminder that check-in will begin at 3:30PM THIS FRIDAY! 

We absolutely cannot wait for the fun to begin! 


December is a crazy month for everyone! So we would like to help make it a bit easier to maneuver through all of the plans and traveling that is sure to come along. 

On December 3rd, that is this coming Sunday, there will be NO IMPACT as we will be just returning from Fall Retreat. 

On December 17th we will be having our annual CVCYouth Christmas party! All the details you will need for now are below. 

Starting December 18th and lasting through January 2nd the CVCYouth Staff will be out of office for Christmas and New Years. 


On Sunday, December 17th from 4pm – 6pm we will have our CVCYouth Christmas Party! This year both Collide and Impact will fuse together to create one awesome party! 

Parents, we are asking for you to please consider bringing cookies, hot chocolate, eggnog, milk, and other Christmas snacks – click the button below to sign up on our volunteer page.

Most of the party will center around fellowship with one another. It will be a great time of encouragement and we will be watching “The Polar Express!” 

Come in your comfiest pajamas, ugly Christmas sweaters, or maybe even dressed as Santa, an Elf, or a Reindeer!

Click here to volunteer!


This week we did something a little different for Impact. We planned out what we call a “Refocus Night” where we spent most of the night singing songs of worship and being challenged to refocus our lives back
on Christ. 

The students were challenged by Lauren Shepherd, Pastor Joe Valenti,
and Kyle Cryan in three different areas. 

Lauren’s challenge to the students was from Psalm 63. Lauren called the students to put seeking after the Lord above all else. As Christians, knowing God deeply and honestly should be the top priority in our lives. 

Joe’s challenge came from the life of King Hezekiah. Joe encouraged the students to consider prayer and its implications for their personal life and walk with Christ. 

Kyle’s challenge to the students came from Hebrews 3:12-13. Kyle invited the students to be fully known by their brothers and sisters in Christ. To walk in the freedom of not having secret sins or struggles but to invite people to help each other follow Christ.

As you go about your week take a few moments to consider your own life focus. Are you, as a parent, modeling a Christ-first focus in your own life?

Then talk to your children about their focus and how you can help each other reclaim a right and refocused life on Christ.  


This week we heard from Pastor Joe Valenti as he spoke out of 1 Peter 3:1-7. At first, it may seem odd, speaking to middle school students about marriage and what makes a woman a good wife or a man a good husband, but all scripture is important for everyone at all times. 

From the passage, the students were challenged to consider to put more effort into their inner beauty and following the Lord as well as respecting each other as people. 

For the girls that meant really caring more about their mind and heart for the Lord than what outfit they will wear or how they will do their hair. For the boys that meant learning how to respect women as people, as individuals, not objects to be had. 

Sometime this week talk to your son about how he is to respect women and pursue the Lord. For your daughter talk to her and see if she is putting too much focus on her outer beauty rather than crafting a mind and heart for Christ.