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Have you met Chris and Molly Henard yet? They serve as Impact LifeGroup leaders at the Brecksville Group. Maybe you don’t know the other leaders either. Next time you drop your son or daughter off at group, stop in and visit their leader so that you all know one another.


A brief overview of what we taught this week so that you can continue the conversation at home.


This week in Collide Pastor Joe Valenti continued our series in the Miracles of Jesus.

The miracle we specifically focused on this week was from John 11 when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

We learned that Jesus has the power to bring people back from the dead.

Joe asked the students, "What does it  matter to us that Jesus can do this - raise people from the dead?"

In verse 25 of John 11, Jesus said He was "the resurrection and the life."  When Jesus brought Lazarus back to life He demonstrated that He has the power to bring people back from the dead, but Lazarus will eventually die again. When Jesus died and rose again, He proved that He has power over death.

Which means, if we put our faith and trust in Him we will be raised to new life and will live in heaven forever.

This week take time to talk to your student(s) about what it means to live forever, and how Jesus' power over death affects you.


This week in Impact Pastor Joe continued our series in the Vintage Gospel.

We took a look at Number 5. Where the Lord instructed Moses to command the people of Israel to send anyone out from the camp who was afflicted with a skin disease, a discharge, or has come in direct contact with the dead.

We asked the question "Why?", Why would God command such a thing from His people, especially if He is a loving God?

The students suggested that maybe God...

- Didn't want others to get sick

- Was testing their faith

- Provided healing outside of the camp

- Couldn't be around sin, and their illnesses were caused by sin (a result of human brokenness)

- Was upset with those who were afflicted because they were no longer in a right standing before Him because of their impurity.

- Wanted to create a Utopia

The students had good ideas, but out of the many suggestions, Joe pointed to 2 specific reasons.

It was a way to quarantine the people to keep the rest of the camp safe, in order to maintain the numbers (Practical Reason).
Brokenness and illness are a result of sin (Theological Reason).
Joe made the point that impurity cannot be in the presence of God, and we must remember this group was considered the first believers. God was teaching them about His holiness.

Fast forward to the New Testament where we take a look at Luke 5:12-13. Luke tells about the time when Jesus cleansed a leper. Luke knows the cleanliness laws, he was a doctor and many theologians consider Luke to be the careful historian.

Jesus touched the leper, and the leper became clean! Wait, Why wasn't Jesus defiled? How come the defiled became cleansed when Jesus touched them?

We learned that in the Old Testament God was teaching the first believers what He is like, holy and pure. We cannot become clean on our own; we needed a solution.

In the New Testament, the Lord reveals the solution, Jesus. We are unclean and defiled because of our sin, and Jesus is the only person who can fix our uncleanliness. He doesn't need us to fix ourselves in order to come to Him because there is nothing we can do to defile Him.

This is the message of Hope in Christ.

Joe closed by sharing from Hebrews 13:12 that Jesus has gone outside of the camp so that we can be made clean.

This week take time to discuss with your student(s) about how you view others, do you look at them as outside of the camp? Or do you look at them with knowledge of the solution to their uncleanliness?