Week of October 8th


Last Week to Register

Collide Fall Retreat at Kalahari is officially 12 days AWAY!

Who's ready for Kalahari?!

If you are not signed up already, be sure to Sign up as soon as possible! We are now in our Late Pricing for Registration.

The Late Price is $99 until October 14th.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Pay Later Option for Late Registration, AND October 14th is the LAST DAY to SIGN UP!

Lastly,  If you chose to Pay Later, PAYMENTS were due on October 7th. So if you have not paid yet, PLEASE do so as soon as possible!


If you read our blog at the beginning of the school year we mentioned a new upcoming event for IMPACT, called Second Sundays.

We as a department wanted to focus on having a few nights each semester that are focused on inviting friends and being more evangelistic in nature. We will have food, games, and about 5-10 minutes of a gospel message.

SO As promised, the VERY FIRST, Impact Second Sunday is HERE!

Well...next Sunday.

Join us Sunday, October 14th, for CVCYouth's very first Second Sunday.  

It's going to be a Fall Festival full of fun, fellowship, and games. There will be cider, donuts, and PUMPKINS! So be sure to mark your calendars



We look forward to seeing you there!


Have you met Kyle and Amy Gustafson yet? They serve as Impact LifeGroup leaders at the Broadview Heights Group. Maybe you don’t know the other leaders either. Next time you drop your son or daughter off at group, stop in and visit their leader so that you all know one another.


A brief overview of what we taught this week so that you can continue the conversation at home.


This week in Collide leader Joe Genco introduced our new series in the book of Philippians.

He began by giving each student a letter. This letter was written by Paul the Apostle. Specifically the letter he had written to the church of Philippi during his imprisonment in Rome.

Joe only had the students look at the first paragraph of the letter, and focused on the partnership that Paul was encouraged by from the Philippians. He called them fellow laborers for the cause of Christ.

Joe then had a table with donuts on it. He invited all of the lifeGroup leaders to join him at the table to eat the donuts, and made the point that we as leaders are fellow laborers for Christ.

He then had the leaders invite a student up who deserved to be at the table as well. Some of the students came up and partook of the donuts with their leaders.

Joe then said whoever was left that had been baptized could join the others at the table.

Joe's overall point that as believers we have been welcomed to the table of God, to partake of his grace and forgiveness (the donuts). However, there are those who stand on the outskirts of the table and are onlookers, and do not actually partake in what God has to offer at His table. For those who are not a believer, there is a spot at the table, they just need to come to God and believe.

Joe challenged the students to think about where they are in relation to the table of God.

  1. Are you a part of His table, and are you partaking in all that He has to offer, His grace and forgiveness?
  2. Are you an onlooker, who's "sort of" a part of the table, but not really embracing all that God has to offer?
  3. Or, are you not a part of the table at all?

This week take time to discuss with your student(s) about what it means to be a part of the table with God. Read through the first few verses of Philippians chapter 1, and ask them if they are fellow laborers of the Gospel?


This week in Impact Pastor Joe continued our series in the Vintage Gospel.

We took a look at Psalm 23. Where David talks about the Lord being our Shepherd.

Joe jumped right into the text and walked through it verse by verse explaining each section as it came.

We took a look at what a good shepherd does, how he guides and leads his sheep, and how sheep are known for being anxious beings without the presence of their shepherd.

Throughout the text, Joe asked the students a series of questions to consider.

  1. Who is your Shepherd?
  2. Are you being restored?
  3. Are you being led?
  4. Are you comforted or at peace?
  5. Are you really living in the care of the Good Shepherd?

Joe's main point was that Christ is the Good Shepherd (John 10), He is the one who satisfies our every needs, He is the one who directs our steps through times of uncertainty, who disciplines us, and is ultimately the giver of peace

This week, take time with your student(s) to carefully read through the twenty-third Psalm. Ask yourself and your student(s) the questions Joe gave, and discuss your answers. How can you rest in the care of the Good Shepherd?